In order to insure that each film is studied and rated on an individual basis, DWBFF has instituted a system where entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits.
For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves:  each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.

The judges focus is on your film when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other films that are in cue: this insures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded not only for Best Of Show, but also for two Awards of Excellence levels, two Awards of Merit levels, a Kudos Endeavor Award, or no award.

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry/entries for each season;  Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional artistic and technical achievements; and Notable achievements are recognized at the Award of Merit and 'Kudos' award levels.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

Best Of Show
Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Award Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography
The Great Pretender
Nardine Groch

Cyborgs Among Us
Rafel Duran Torrent

This documentary is about a river of the Western Ghats of India – “Aghanashini”, which is a unique river from the perspective that it still flows in its natural course due to absence of any dams to change its flow and it doesn't have any industries along its path to pollute its water. In that sense, so far it remains untamed and unpolluted by man.
There has been no effort till now to document the uniqueness of this river through its entire length.

In the time when 'development' is the mantra of any government in the country, there exists this silent river which is holding onto its ground and nurturing the land and forest and thus becoming a river of life for hundreds of thousands of people along with its flow.

Made over a span of two years, the film covers the story of the river via various stories along its flow, some of which are shot for the first time.

After the loss of an important display feather a famous Superb Lyrebird called 'The Pretender' struggles to win a mate during the most competitive song and dance competition in Australia.

Cyborgs are human beings with electronic devices implanted in their bodies to extend their senses and/or enhance their physical and cognitive capabilities. Technology with the potential for human enhancement is already available, but its use is strictly restricted to remedial (medical) applications. However, the first cyborgs are already crossing the boundaries of their human limits just for the sake of it --at home, in basement workshops and tattoo parlors, using low-tech equipment and with a do-it-yourself attitude.
They are a tiny minority, seen by many as weird or crazy experimenters, but in the near future we may be calling them pioneers. In this film we will explore life as a cyborg through the stories of a few current ones; we will discover how close scientists are to taking the leap; and we will consider the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of going beyond human by letting machines become part of us.


Cancer Can Be Killed
Jeff Witzeman
Revolution & Reform - Health
BOS Both Categories
Award of Outstanding Excellence:
Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational

Condemned To Remember
Gerry Gregg
Human Spirit

Route 66
Najib Ghallale
Docu-drama Feature
BOS Both Categories
Award Of Excellence:

Jeff Witzeman goes on a quest to find out why his wife was cured of her
cancer in 30 days, naturally, in Germany, after American doctors wanted to
pull an organ out, chemo and radiate her, and basically send her off to die.
What he found will change cancer treatment forever.

Irish Holocaust Survivor Tomi Reichental celebrates his 80th birthday in a Dublin Mosque and embarks on an epic journey across a Europe in turmoil.
In Germany Tomi concludes his long quest to bring the convicted SS War Criminal Hilde Michnia to account for her secrets and lies.
In Poland and Slovakia he confronts the “crisis of shame” that prevents an honest reckoning with the scale of local “collusion” with the Nazi extermination project.
In Bosnia, Tomi embraces Muslim survivors of a genocide, who still search for the bones of their loved ones.
Along the way he puts himself into the shoes of the “new Jews” and discovers a strong common bond with refugees fleeing the hell that is Syria.

Nourredine Zerrad, aka Noon, is a 37 years old filmmaker who started making movies in 1993. His journey and his never-ending quest supported by a crazy dream motivated this project. IN 2013 he meets Jean-Claude Van Damme who offers him to work on his latest film, Eagle Path aka Full Love.

Mainly inspired by action movies, Noon was the guideline of a universal topic, which is none other than self-realization, the obsessive quest for the Ideal.

The making-process of this movie was unexpectedly impacted by a recent and tragic event that hit Noon. This incident acted as a creation trigger, blending this documentary with dramatic events. How can an artistic approach pull one away from extremism?

Some fiction was introduced in this documentary by another character, Noonz: Noon's doppelganger acting as his (evil) conscience.


Once Upon A Time: The Savannah
Robert Henno

RCTV: El Silencio De La Dignidad
Susanna Taddei
Social Issues

Masai Mara – Kenya. The sun rises and ignites the Savannah. A new day begins for all the animals who live in this habitat. The film invites you to follow a few of them over the course of the day. The birth of an antelope calf, lions on the hunt, mother cheetahs and lionesses who tend to their new-borns, as well as the solidarity and bravery of buffaloes when they attempt to save one of their young from the claws of big cats are just a few of the scenes from their everyday lives that you will discover.

Un film que partiendo de imágenes inéditas de la última noche de Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) al aire, nos enseña cómo después de una década de represión hemos terminado con un país atrapado en una dictadura donde reina la injusticia, la violencia y el hambre. Donde, además, más de 140 presos políticos actualmente se encuentran aislados de sus familias en las más inhumanas condiciones!

Ms Taddei and Ms Larralde are the founders of Girasol Productions and Girasol Foundation - an organization dedicated to give free acting classes to children whose families are going thru a devastating illness, have special needs, or have been the victims of bullying. They won a KIPPU Award in 2014 (for their philanthropic efforts to help cancer patients), were nominated for an Emmy in 2016, won the GLAAD Media Award in 2017 and have been selected for several Festivals with this, their first documentary.


My Amish World
Samuel Wickey
  Docu-Drama Feature

La Famille - one afternoon for the whole life
Maximiliane Nirschl
  Docu-drama Short

Damon McDonald
Social Issues

A film produced and directed by an Amish man, Samuel Wickey. In this incredible story based on true events, the mother and father are overwhelmed with emotion when their children are severely bullied in a public school, and the father wants his family to leave the Amish.

In this story about an Amish family struggling with the upbringing of a boy born with an enigmatic mental disorder, they are gripped by fear and astonishment when they witness the boy has unusual artistic abilities. The mother and father are deeply concerned since their strict Amish religion, teaches that any form of artistic expression is forbidden.

The boy and his siblings are raised by a mother who cannot embrace them, praise them or even say I love you. They must only pray that God heals them. In a family deeply ingrained in a religion where parents are forbidden to express love for their children, the father breaks the chains of fear and oppression to allow hope, the expression of love and freedom to leave the Amish.

Jean Pierre V. was only 10 years old when he stumbled upon the family secret for the first time. What follows are years of searching, searching for the truth about his own family’s history as well as the truth about his own roots.
“La Famille” follows the real historical events between 1914 and today, which were shaped by the Franco-German conflict of that time. It is a story about forlorn love and a scattered family in between the ups and downs of war, reconciliation and friendship.

Maximiliane Nirschl is a german director and multimedia artist.
She grew up in Bavaria, Germany and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (Austria) in Film in 2017.
In 2016 she was assistant at the Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin.
Since 2013, Maximiliane Nirschl directs and produces diverse films and multimedia projects, including short films, documentaries, motion graphic works and art/experimental films.
She works closely with Claudia Diwold and Claudia Wahlmüller, both austrian multimedia artists.

An emotional look at the current medical cannabis framework as seen through the eyes of very sick children, their parents and those who break the law to care for them. Australia has now "legalised" medical cannabis but the regulations and red tape makes it virtually impossible to access by those who need it most. For those who can access it the cost is prohibitive. Parents, patients and carers are still considered criminals and they continue to defy the law. They have been arrested and charged with serious criminal offences for taking a position of selfless compassion for those who they love and care for.


NOOR - Quen Of Ranthambore
Porus Khareghat
Award Of Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography

Planet Earth 2: Grasslands
Chadden Hunter
Award Of Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography
Award Of  Excellence: Original Score

Real Immunity
Cilla Whatcott


NOOR is a short film on the life of a mother Tigress with three female cubs . It is a tribute to her skills of motherhood , loving & caring at the same time a perfect assasin to provide food for four .
It shows the true nature of the jungle , survival of the fittest .

Grasslands cover one quarter of all land and support vast gatherings of wildlife, but to survive here animals must endure the most hostile seasonal changes on the planet. From Asia's bizarre-looking saiga antelope to the giant anteaters of Brazil, grassland animals have adapted in extraordinary ways to cope with these extremes. In the flooded Okavango, lions take on formidable buffalo in epic battles, on the savannah bee-eaters take advantage of elephants to help catch insects and, on the freezing northern tundra, caribou embark on great migrations shadowed by hungry Arctic wolves.

Real Immunity is a documentary feature focusing upon dispelling the fear surrounding disease, encouraging viewers to trust their intuition, and empowering viewers with valuable natural resources including "homeoprophylaxis," the 200-year-old method of safe disease prevention


Without Papers
Andres A. Parra
Social Issues

Bill Evans Time Remembered
Bruce Spiegel

Connection In Crisis
Dennis Zaidi
Human Spirit - WIldlife/Nature/Animals
Also Award of Outstanding Excellence for both main categories.

Without Papers is a story of triumph, a documentary that highlights the struggles of Johana, a young and bright immigrant from Venezuela, who has been living in the US for more than 20 years… without papers.

Bill Evans Time Remembered is a 90-minute documentary film, produced by Bruce Spiegel which tells the story of Bill Evans’ turbulent life and his contribution to jazz music. The film was self-funded by the producer who traveled and interviewed approximately 40 people over a 7 year period of time. Several well renowned musicians are included in the film including Tony Bennett, Dr. Billy Taylor, singer Jon Hendricks, and jazz pianist Bill Charlap. The film also compiles a wide range of historical information about the jazz pianist including his first TV recording which appeared on CBS Look Up and Live in April 1958, playing Come Rain or Come Shine.

Born in the aftermath of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, this remarkable team of psychological first aid trauma dogs, the K9 First Responsers, are called upon after America's worst tragedies. Led by Brad Cole and his encaptivating 150 pound dog Spartacus, the story culminates in a journey to Las Vegas to help firefighters and paramedics struggling to cope with the horrors they witnessed after the shooting outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The project has over 75,000 followers and can bring attention and new viewers to festivals.

Storm Hunters: Lake of Fire
The Weather Network
Environmental - WIldlife

Award of Outstanding Excellence in ALL three Categories.


Mark Robinson and adventurer George Kourounis embark on a nail biting expedition as they attempt a climb to the bottom of Marum Volcano in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu.

Captured: Tornadoes
The Weather Network
Environmental - Science

 Award of Outstanding Excellence in  Both Categories


Tornadoes; they are the embodiment of severe weather. In this episode we show some of the most terrifying weather caught on camera; from surviving a direct hit to a tornado in a typhoon.

Outstanding Excellence
¡Salud! Myths and Realities of Mexican Immigrant Health USA Health  Outstanding Excellence
¿Cómo fue? A Cuban Journey USA Human Spirit Biography  Outstanding Excellence BOTH
Award of Excellence:Editing
Award of Excellence: Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational 
Amended Shards USA Health  Outstanding Excellence
Award of Outstanding Excellence:Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
Award of Outstanding Excellence:Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational 
Before Petrichor USA Health  Outstanding Excellence
Award Of Outstanding Excellence: Viewer Impact:Content/Message Delivery
Award Of Outstanding Excelence: Viewer Impact:Motivational/Inspirational 
Endgame - a film about assisted dying UK Social Issues Outstanding Excellence
Photographers Without Borders TV: HAART Kenya Canada Social Issues Outstanding Excellence
Sister Elisabeth - The Strength of Faith Canada Biography Outstanding Excellence and Award Of Excellence Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
Social Entrepreneurs: New Heroes of the 21st Century Singapore Social Issues Outstanding Excellence
The Kurdish Factor USA Revolution and Reform Outstanding Excellence
The Oyster Farmers
Outstanding Excellence
The Wall Within Mexico Social Issues Outstanding Excellence

Excellence Award Winners
A River Film Canada Environmental Excellence
Award Of Excellence: Cinematography
Award Of Excellence: Narration
25 TRACKS AU Travel/Culture/Arts  Excellence
Araucaria Araucana France Wildlife/Nature/Animals Excellence
Award of Excellence: Cinematography
Beyond The Border the story of Ettore Castiglioni Italy Docu-Drama Feature Excellence 
Code Green USA Docu-drama Short Excellence
Darkhad Valley USA Environmental Excellence
Did You Hear Me Crying Ireland Docu-Drama Short Excellence
Discovering Heaven Canada Biography Excellence
EMILIA, an untold Cuban American story USA Biography  Excellence
I'm The White Tiger USA Biography Excellence
Award of Excellence: Cinematography, Thomas Sandfield
Award of Excellence: editing, Jason Calhoun
MARE NOSTRUM - A Concert. A Journey. Switzerland Travel/Culture/Arts Excellence
Mightier Than the Sword Canada Social Issues Excellence
Mrs. Schneider USA Human Spirit - Docudrama Short Excellence Both categories
Nyima USA Social Issues Excellence
Of Rails & Sails - The Life and Times of Arthur Curtiss James USA Docudrama Feature  Excellence
Award of Excellence: Research
Award Of Excellence: Narration
Operation Wedding Israel Human Spirit Excellence
Out Of The Cage France Social Issues Excellence
Out of the Darkness, Congo Unites USA Revolution and Reform Excellence
Queens of the Roleo USA Docu-Drama Feature Excellence
Recovering Hope USA Social Issues  Excellence
Award of Excellence: Direction
Shadow Across The Path USA Human Spirit Excellence
Shadows In The Closet USA Social Issues and Docu-drama Feature Excellence for Both Caregories
Snowmads - A Journey Towards Eastern Suns Austria Travel/Culture/Arts  Excellence
The Color Of The Current PERU Social Issues Excellence
The Last Mile Japan Health Excellence
The Limits Of My World USA Human Spirit Excellence
The Opium War Myanmar Social Issues Excellence
The Purple Road USA Social Issues Excellence
The Road to Nickelsville USA Social Issues Human Spirit  Excellence for Both categories
Award of Excellence:Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational
Award Of Excellence:Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery 
The Tenth Step USA Human Spirit -  Health -  Biography -  Travel /Culture/Arts Excellence all 3 Categories
Award of Excellence: Viewer Impact:Motivational/Inspirational
Whatever Works: Exploring Opiate Addiction USA Youth Issues  Excellence
Possibility: The Space Between Limits
Human Spirit

Exceptional Merit
 78waythere USA Human Spirit Exceptional Merit
A Way Out USA Social Issues Exceptional Merit
An American House USA Social Issues Exceptional Merit
ATOUSA USA Human Spirit & Docudrama Short Exceptional Merit BOTH
Beyond the Bars USA Human Spirit Exceptional merit
Beyond The Beyonds Ireland Biography Exceptional Merit 
Birth and Rise of Jazz USA Travel/Culture/Arts Exceptional Merit
Cambodia and Jimmy's Village School AU Docu-drama Short Exceptional Merit
Casting Music India Social Issues Exceptional Merit
Confluir USA Environmental Exceptional Merit
Daughter of the Revolution Hungary Revolution and Reform Exceptional Merit
Day Zero USA Health Exceptional Merit
Award of Excellence: Viewer Impact:Motivational/Inspirational
Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists
Social Issues
Exceptional Merit
Award Of Excellence: Research
Equilibrium Of Diving USA Wildlife/nature/animals Exceptional Merit
Free the Forgotten: Whispers into Shouts USA Revolution and Reform Exceptional Merit
Homeless in the South USA Docu-drama Feature  Exceptional Merit
I am Gary USA Docu-drama Short  Exceptional Merit
I Am Shakespeare (The Henry Green Story) USA Biography Exceptional Merit
Life Is Art AU Biography  Exceptional Merit
AWARD of Exceptional Merit:Original Score
Malka UK Docu-drama Short  Exceptional Merit
Award of Excellence: Original Score and Motivational Inspirational
Monsieur et Madame Piccioli France Social Issues Exceptional Merit
MYKONOS, THE SOUL OF AN ISLAND USA Travel/Culture/Arts  Exceptional merit
Nectar USA Human Spirit Exceptional Merit
On Some Strange Mornings USA Biography Exceptional Merit
Paris - Cannes - Orleans Russian Federation Social Issues Exceptional Merit
Pass To Heaven Russian Federation Social Issues Exceptional Merit
Power Of Prayer USA Social Issues Exceptional Merit 
Pull Your Pants Up USA Youth Issues  Exceptional Merit
Running   USA Sports Exceptional merit
Running A.t. Full Speed USA Human Spirit Exceptional Merit
Save the bees UK Wildlife/Nature/Animals Exceptional Merit
Award of Excellence: Cinematography
Tell Me About My Mother USA Human Spirit Exceptional Merit 
Teta USA Human Spirit  Exceptional Merit
The Art of the Journey - The Ben Jones Story USA Social Issues Exceptional Merit 
The Ultimate Triathlon UK Sports Exceptional Merit 
The Wall's Embrace USA Human Spirit Exceptional Merit
Threads Of Hope USA Docu-Drama Short Exceptional Merit 
Tomorrow is Gonna Be OK France Social Issues Exceptional Merit
Vivian, Vivian Netherlands Social Issues  Exceptional Merit
When I Stutter USA Health Exceptional Merit

After Grandma Died USA Human Spirit Merit
An Artist's Journey USA Human Spirit Merit
Ben Schore: A life in the Upper Valley USA Human Spirit Merit
Birmingham's Phenomenal Woman UK Human Spirit Merit
Award of Exceptional Merit: Motivational/Inspirational
Call Us Ishmael USA Travel/Culture/Arts  Merit
Charkpen (Hope) Spain Environmental Merit
Designing From Above USA Human Spirit  Merit
Escape from freedom Italy Social Issues Merit
ITHACA (Portrait of James Joyce with Erik Schneider Switzerland Biography Merit
Kaele hem Hachayim nekuda such is life period Israel Biography Merit
Life In A Fistful Of Rice India Travel/Culture/Arts  Merit
Light the fire Germany Environmental Merit
Award of Excellence: Original Score
Lost Records Portugal Docu-drama Feature  Merit
Award of Merit: Cinematography
Award of Exceptional Merit: Narration Talent
Award of Exceptional Merit: Direction
Make The Most Of Me UK Human Spirit Merit
Mastering Health Insurance USA Health Merit
Award of Excellence: Content/Message Delivery
Mother Tongue USA Travel/Culture/Arts  Merit
Nature Electric UK Environmental  Merit
On the same boat Italy Social Issues  Merit
One Less Fight USA Biography Merit
Open Arms USA Social Issues Merit
Peace be with you USA Human Spirit Merit
Person of the Forest USA Wildlife/Nature/Animals  Merit
Queen of the Porn Show Mexico Human Spirit  Merit
Studio Harmattan Germany Travel/Culture/Arts  Merit
Switching Rhythm Canada Health Merit
Tamil Stories New Zealand Human Spirit Merit
The Hammonton Boys USA Docu-drama Feature  Merit
The Laundry Room France Docu-drama Short Merit
Tough Cracker Germany Biography Merit
Travelogue Tel Aviv Switzerland Travel/Culture/Arts  Merit
Who is he? AU Biography Merit
Without Water USA Health Merit
Seyyed Jeffrey Mahan

Kudos Endeavor
TAM 4500 Montenegro Human Spirit  Kudos
The IMPACT of Full Heart Living LIVE! USA Travel/Culture/Arts  Kudos


Calm In Chaos Canada Sub Cat Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational  Award Of Exceptional Merit
The New Barbarianism USA Sub Cat Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery Award Of Excellence
Ballad of a Righteous Merchant USA SUB Cat Direction  Award of Excellence