In order to insure that each film is studied and rated on an individual basis, DWBFF has instituted a system where entries do not compete against each other, but instead are recognized for their own individual merits.
For all intents and purposes, they compete against themselves:  each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.

The judges focus is on your film when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other films that are in cue: this insures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should be focusing entirely on YOU.

Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded not only for Best Of Show, but also for two Awards of Excellence levels, two Awards of Merit levels, a Kudos Endeavor Award, or no award.

Best of Show honors are granted to the top scoring entry/entries for each season;  Awards of Excellence are granted to entries with truly exceptional artistic and technical achievements; and Notable achievements are recognized at the Award of Merit and 'Kudos' award levels.

The number of awards granted at any given level will fluctuate based on the total number of entries received for each competition deadline.

Best Of Show
USA USA Luxembourg
Acres Of Diamonds
Social Issues Short, Domestic; Original Score; Cinematography; Direction; Editing; Sound; Narration Talent (Faiz Rahman); V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
The Demolition of Truth - Psychologists Examine 9/11
Social Issues Feature, Domestic; Research; Editing; Direction; On-Screen Talent (Ed Asner); V.I.: Content/Message Delivery

Free Speech Fear Free
Social Issues Feature, Foreign; Editing, Direction; V.I.: Content/Message Deliveryl


Biography Feature, Domestic; Editing; Direction; Research; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational

Weapons Of Light
Travel/Culture/Arts Feature, Domestic; Biography Feature; Editing; Direction; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational


Health, Research, Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery

Minutes To Die

Health  Docu-drama Feature; and Cinematography, Editing, Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery

America; I Too
Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery,


Why me?
  Viewer Impact: Inspirational/Motivational Content/Message Delivery

When the  Smoke Clears: A Story of Brotherhood, Resilience and Hope

  Cinematography, Direction, Editing

Pistons, Passions, Pleasures - A Sicilian Dream
Docu-Drama Feature



The little wood near where I live
Award Of Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography

The realm of the little owl
Award Of Outstanding Excellence: Cinematography

Outstanding Excellence
Barrow Freedom Fighter Barbados Docu-Drama Feature; Direction; Editing; Research; Ensemble Cast; Set and Costume Design
The Complex Brazil Environmental Short; Direction; Editing; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World Canada Environmental Feature, Social Issues Feature; Editing; Research
I Am Syria USA Student Short; Revolution And Reform; Social Issues; Human Spirit; Original Score; Editing; Sound; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
I Stand: The Guardians Of The Water USA Environmental Feature; Cinematography; Editing; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
The Last Objectors Canada Revolution and Reform Feature; Editing
Remand USA Revolution and Reform Short; Direction; Cinematography; Sound; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational; Narration Talent (Angela Bassett)
Sled Dogs Canada Social Issues/Animal Welfare Feature; Cinematography; Direction; Editing; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
Tupamaro USA Revolution and Reform Feature; Social Issues Feature; Direction; Sound
Little Rebel USA Social Issues 
The Reindeer belong to the Wind Finland Enviromental
A SONG FOR YOU USA Human Spirit and Award of Excellence: Editing
The Lady and Her Secrets AU Wildlife/Nature/Animals
Budapest Inferno: The Secret of the Molnar Janos Cave Hungary Wildlife/Nature/Animals 
Travails To Truth USA Revolution and Reform
All for Poland - Zamosc Uprising 1942-1944 Poland Docu-drama Feature
The Final Slovakia Sports
The Opera Game USA Biography
Being Change AU Environmental; Human Spirit; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational
Quarter Life Crisis USA Social Issues and Award of Excellence: Editing
Being Change (short film festival version) AU Biography 
SURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD: Domestic Child Sex Trafficking USA Social Issues 
Cries from Syria USA Revolution and Reform; Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational, Direction

Excellence Award Winners
Ambassador Of Peace Poland Biography Feature; Editing; Outstanding Excellence for Research
Angels Of The Sky USA Biography Feature; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational
Another Way Out Canada Original Score
Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph USA Social Issues Feature; Editing; Research
Brainstorm USA V.I.: Motivational/Inspirational
Dogs Without Names Japan Wildlife/Nature/Animals Feature; Editing
Gaybabyboom Netherlands Social Issues Feature; Editing
The Invisible City [Kakuma] Belgium Youth Issues Feature; Editing; Original Music
Isle Of Capri: A Song of My  Mother USA Health Short; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
The Korean War : "Forgotten War", Stories to Remember Republic Of Korea Social Issues Short; Research
Positive Hell UK Social Issues Short 
Root Up France Environmental Short; V.I.: Content/Message Delivery
Tango Queerido Argentina Travel/Culture/Arts Feature
Uncorked Potential USA Travel/Culture/Arts Short; Cinematography; Editing
Unexpected Journey, from cancer to a higher calling USA Health Short
Village Tales UK Human Spirit Feature; V.I.: Inspirational/Motivational
Lost and Found USA Human Spirit Animated;  Social Issues Animated;  Youth Issues Animated
Clostridium tetani and Tetanus AU Health Science Visual SFX 
silently, a bloom... USA Human Spirit 
Making SkyBreak USA Biography 
What's Love Got To Do With It USA Human Spirit; Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational 
The Hermitage Theatre. A Golden Age Russian Federation Travel/Culture/Arts
A Doll's Eyes USA Docudrama Short
War On Minerals
Social Issues
Why They Kill USA Research
That Way Madness Lies... USA Social Issues 
Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg USA Human Spirit 
Unwelcome USA Social Issues
The Favored Strawberry USA Environmental 
Tunnel Vision AU Revolution and Reform
Beyond Skin Deep: The Traumatic Effects of Dermatomyositis AU Human Spirit 
Summer of the Cans Brazil Docu-drama Feature
Monger Argentina Social Issues 
Beyond Fordlandia USA Environmental 
Into the Trenches USA Human Spirit 
beneath the surFACE USA Health 
Searching for Shangri-la China Docu-drama Short 

Exceptional Merit

35/20 - From Fear to Hope Brazil Health Short
((aguirre)) Spain Biography Feature, Experimental
Beyond The Paint USA Social Issues Short
Finding Shelter Canada Wildlife/Nature/Animals Short
Lands Of Lost Content UK Youth Issues Short; Excellence for Original Music
Orphans In the Storm USA Youth Issues Short; Human Spirit Short
The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story USA Revolution and Reform Feature; V.I.: Motivational/Inspirational; Excellence for Original Score
PrEP&ME Netherlands Social Issues Feature
The Public Enlightenment Norway Science Feature
SHELL Israel Health Short
Unser Kampf / Our Struggle Austria
Feature Documentary
Wild Without Wings New Zealand Wildlife/Nature/Animals Feature; Outstanding Excellence for Cinematography
Visiting Day USA Social Issues Short
The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets USA Social Issues; Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational; Research
Roll Call: A Dance Story USA Viewer Impact: Motivational/Inspirational 
Revisiting the Dubhs Ridge Germany Human Spirit 
Dog Years UK Social Issues
 Lines of Sight
Human Spirit and Award of Excellence:Narration Talent
A Crude Injustice AU Environmental 
Puoro New Zealand Human Spirit
Being Roosevelt USA Biography 
Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart Canada Human Spirit
The California Golden Seals Story USA Sports
Belonging Spain Human Spirit
Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China
Republic Of Korea
Human Spirit
Chiedza's Song UK Health; Excellence for Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery 
Burnt Oranges USA/Argentina Social Issues 
My syrian wedding
Social Issues; Revolution and Reform; Human Spirit; Docu-Drama Feature
Bartender at Large USA Travel/Culture/Arts
I Promise To Remember USA Biography 
The Kent State Massacre USA Social Issues 
The Women In The Sand USA Social Issues 
Art From the Hands of Ngā Tahu New Zealand Travel/Culture/Arts 
An American Solo USA Biography 
Protected Workshop 19 Canada Revolution and Reform
Amazonia Dammed UK Environmental
Beerocracy Canada Revolution and Reform; Narration Talent

A Song From Rwanda Italy Human Spirit Short
Back To Bolivia: A Lifetime Later USA Biography Short
Beyond Strain Italy Human Spirit Short
The Black Sheep Italy Human Spirit Feature
Care For The Caregiver USA Human Spirit Short
Fire Of The Final Days Canada Environmental Short
Labor Of Love Germany Sports Short; Excellence for Original Score
Laughter Without Borders USA Social Issues Short
Like I'm Flying USA Health Feature
The Warriors: Fighting the Incurable Juvenile Huntington's Disease USA Health Feature
Where There Is Life New ZealandHealth Feature; Sound;Excellence for V.I,: Inspirational, and Original Score
Who am I? Spain Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery 
Lesvos: fall in LOVE AU Travel/Culture/Arts 
Go! Go! Second-Time Gaijin Japan Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery 
A Life Like This New Zealand Docu-drama Short 
HAUNTINGS IN THE ARCHIVE! Austria Travel/Culture/Arts 
Kwanxwala - Thunder Canada Sports
As Pastoras - samba chorous singers Brazil Travel/Culture/Arts 
The Secret Fatwa USA Social Issues
The making of Marine Butterfly USA Travel/Culture/Arts 
OUTSIDE Switzerland Human Spirit 
I Think I can be a Doctor, Rise of the Urbanites USA Youth Issues
Wall of Complacency USA Social Issues
One Mother's Fire: The Gail Minger Story USA Human Spirit 
Nisete Sampaio: her view Brazil Travel/Culture/Arts 
Dog Tales USA Wildlife/Nature/Animals 
the sky is the limit UK Human Spirit 
Out of the Shadows USA Social Issues 
Between I and Thou USA Social Issues 
Ethiopia by Tuk Tuk Italy Travel/Culture/Arts 
Sick in Africa: Bernad's Story (part 1) - I Thought I Was Bewitched USA Health 
Misafir "A Guest" Turkey Docu-drama Short 

Kudos Endeavor
Bourbon Street Dreams USA Social Issues Feature
Breaking Out USA Human Spirit Short
Complexion: Dark USA Social Issues Short
Conversations with vaccine-critical parents Netherlands Health Short
Detroit Resilience USA Social Issues Feature
Once I Was Titania UK Human Spirit Short
Tales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction USA Viewer Impact: Content/Message Delivery
Tomorrowland Islamic Republic of Iran Youth Issues Feature
Jocelyn the Muralist USA Social Issues 
Behind the Seen USA Docu-drama Short